KZNFPA is currently made up of four divisions performing separate yet integrated functions;

  1. Fire Protection Association (FPA) services – KZNFPA has a responsibility as the recognised Provincial Umbrella FPA and it has undertaken to fulfil such obligations in terms of the NVFFA, since 2006. This function has grown exponentially over the past 6 years under the auspices of the Operations Committee, established by all FPA’s in KZN in terms of the KZNFPA Constitution. KZNFPA currently has 24 affiliated FPAs in the province covering just over 6.5 million hectares and incorporating in excess of 3,500 members (landowners) in total.
  2. Aviation services (Firestop) – which provides aerial fire-fighting support to corporate forestry members as well as private forestry and non forestry growers in KZN. This division of KZNFPA comprises members all of whom pay an annual fee based on the tier subscription structure. The primary airbases where KZNFPA is operationally involved are:
    Shafton – Karkloof
    Riverdale – Richmond
    Weza - Harding
    Kataza – Melmoth
    The above airbases support on average 9 fixed wing water bombing aircraft (SEAT's), 5 spotter aircraft and a helicopter. KZNFPA continually assess aerial resource requirements relative to landowner / member risk to ensure maximum efficiencies and effectives of aerial firefighting services is achieved.
  3. Fire Detection services – Alasia Marketing (Firehawk) offer landowners computerized camera detection and KZNFPA assists with the overall operational management of the camera detection services for the Lions River, Richmond, Umvoti and Umkomaas FPA areas.  KZNFPA works very closely with Firehawk to ensure subscribing member interests are given priority in respect of fire & smoke detection within the forestry and commercial agricultural sectors.  In addition, KZNFPA has worked with Firehawk in developing SOPs which are also utilised by Zululand FPA and its subscribing detection members.
  4. Ancillary veld & forest fire services – KZNFPA provides assistance and support in terms of weather forecasting in terms of fire danger, communications, real time fire weather reporting, incident management, co-ordination & dispatch functions, training and strategic fire management planning.

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